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Are you skeptical about daycare?

Are you skeptical about daycare? Is it hard to trust your child with another persons definition of care giving? Do you find that most daycares don't do enough, while others do too much? While our education system is under fire, we have lost the simplicity of childhood in trying to make the grade or pass the test. Daycare centers, schools and institutions of learning are filled with under paid, over worked and inadequately trained people. Teachers are forced to teach large amounts of curriculum in short periods of time, leaving little to no room for children’s learning differences, creativity, expression, and most of all individualism. Children are being unfairly labelled and categorized as having learning inabilities, when its actually the educational system itself that is poorly structured. Parents are forced to work more in order survive leaving less time for family structured routines and nurturing. Where does this leave a family? A child? Here at L'Infanzia we still believe in the innate growth processes of children. We believe that each child is the protagonist of his/her path in life. We support the simple, gentle unfolding of a child’s potential through exploration, discovery and hands on learning objectives. L'Infanzia is a developmental play based learning group. Come explore the other side of education.


Our Director .

CARMEN SIMS / DIRECTOR Pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology...


Philosophy and Principles .

Within these walls, we seek to assist and further human growth and develo...


Foundation of Philosophies .

I am a strong follower of Magda Gerber. Madga Gerber is an educator and i...


Play-based and individualized. .

Child negotiated places the learning of each child at the center of the i...


Learning Environements .

Louis Torelli has been working with children and environments for the pas...

Daily Schedule

Typical-Day .

7:30am-9:00am ~ Arrival & greeting time, parent staff connection, bre...


The mission of this program is to lay the intellectual and behavioural foundation that will prepare and motivate each individual to continuously develop to the full extent of his/her capabilities. Here we try to in-still the mental and moral habits fostering freedom of thought and action in themselves and others, irrespective of their origins and to seek to be productive people in their own right.